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Welcome to the most modern bowling club of Andorra!
We have installed 4 Brunswick tracks for you with the latest generation of GS-X series pisethers.
At your disposal is the Vector scoring system with the ability to save and print the results.

In addition, we offer you the lowest prices for a bowling game in Andorra.

Basic rules of conduct in the bowling game zone

1. Turning lanes on and off is done at the front desk before starting a game.
2. There can be no more than 8 players on a lane.
3. Payment is made at the reception at the set rates.
4. Payment is due before the start of the game.
5. In the playing area, players are allowed only in special shoes given at the reception.
6. After the game, you must return the rental shoes to the reception, and the socks provided by the club should be thrown into a special bin.
7. It is strictly forbidden:
- Throw a ball with the pin remover (sweep) down.
- Throw the ball if no light is lit in the pinsetter area.
- Throw multiple balls at the same time on the same lane.
- Throw the ball on other lanes.
- Throw the ball at (and through) protective barriers.
- Throw the ball above shoulder level.
- Enter the running zone with drinks and food.
- Going out on the lane across a foul line.
- Place the ball on the head, throw it on the floor and take it out of the playing area.
8. In case of damage to the equipment, the guilty person must pay the compensation for damage.

9. In case of non-compliance with the above rules, the administration has the right to turn off the violator's lane (in this case, without a refund for the game).
10. In case of refusal to pay compensation for damage caused to the club or its facilities, the administration will call the police.

Precios bolera

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