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      We are pleased to offer our guests a soundproofed separate karaoke room where everyone can test their singing skills and at the same time have a good time in a romantic setting or in the company of friends.
     The karaoke room can accommodate up to 30 people and is equipped with the latest technologies from AST Technologies with a large number of songs in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages.
     The repertoire is updated monthly. If you have not found the song you want in this catalog, we have a computer with the most popular songs in Spanish.

Rules for access to the karaoke room
     In the case of an individual visit using the deposit system, the songs are performed by agreement between the participants. If you can’t agree, then from the table to the table in a clockwise direction. One song from each participant.

A microphone falling to the floor is punishable by a fine of 10 euros.
Damage to the microphone entails a fine of 300 euros.

Preus Karaoke

Group visit

The cost of renting a room is 30 euros per hour.
Drinks and food are charged separately.
During the rental of a room, a person outside the group will not be admitted without the permission of the tenant.


Renting an hour of KARAOKE room will cost you 10 euros cheaper if you play bowling on the same day in our club.


Special offer for groups from 5 people

1 hour karaoke and one drink (not premium or Red Bull) for 8 euros per person.

Book your party now!



Waiting time, for the customer who made the reservation, is 10 minutes . In case of delay, please inform in advance by calling 00376 722.200.

Thanks for your understanding.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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