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      In addition to playing bowling, billiards or singing karaoke, our guests can listen to live music or just relax in our club's cozy lounge area.
      We all love to enjoy a good game, such as soccer or any other sporting event! At Energy Club we offer live sporting events. We have 4 television screens, one of which is huge. Therefore, you can fully enjoy your favorite sports in a pleasant and comfortable environment.
      For musicians we have built a comfortable stage with professional sound and lighting equipment and offer guests comfortable armchairs with tables and an excellent selection of drinks.

VIP zone
 For especially demanding guests a separate VIP-zone with a comfortable sofa is offered.
Please note that a VIP table can be reserved for at least 4 people. The reservation fee is 10 euros per person. The price includes 1 drink: beer, soft drink or drinks of promotion.
The VIP client has a waiting time of 15 minutes. In case of delay, please inform in advance by phone
00376 722.200.
Thank you for your understanding.

You can reserve a table in the recreation area or in the VIP area here.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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